Cortech Healthcare has released its new innovative patent protected movement system the Komodo, combining a stand-alone commode, a stand and assist raiser and a shower chair.  

By implementing assistive technology it can enable older and disabled individuals to continue living a healthy and happy life at home, hopefully preventing or delaying the need for long term or residential care.  

For CEO Les Lindsay, it has been an exciting and engaging process as he re-engages with the assistive technology marketplace following a number of years working in different areas of the healthcare sector:

“As I continue to re-engage with the UK Assistive Technology” market after an absence of nearly 12 years, I am learning such a lot every single week. We are providing a sophisticated and advanced shower chair and commode (Komodo) to frail elderly and disabled clients, usually following a comprehensive assessment of needs by an OT or other clinician”

From countless hours of research and using state of the art technology the Komodo promotes and mimics human movement and has a wide range of positions with stand assist technology to re engage leg muscles for the user. 

Promotion of autonomy is essential and so the Komodo has been designed to be customisable through a handset remote control. The Komodo aims to assist with a multi function purpose and work holistically with the user’s other adaptations.  

“What I have understood this week, following an accompanied visit to a client in North London, is that regardless of what our technology can do in isolation, unless it fits into the overall care system for that client, including interactions with existing equipment, then we may be of no use at all. I am coming to the certain belief that no-one design will ever meet all client needs, so a degree of customisation will be needed. Once we get into the world of adapting equipment for a specific use, user, environment etc, it usually isn’t the engineering challenge that stops us, it is the changes to the technical files / product and public liability issues that arise if you deviate from your standard product.”

Cortech Healthcare is committed to creating and evolving it’s products inline with health and safety regulations which facilitate independence, creating a substitute for traditional types of formal care or as a cost effective supplement to these services.

“We will always strive to do the best we possibly can to make a positive difference in a user’s independent daily living, but will seek guidance from our Trade Body as to what best practice is when trying to modify standard CE / FDA specification equipment. I would benefit from advice from any of my learned industry colleagues who also grapple with such issues day in and day out.”

Cortech Healthcare are on the lookout for suppliers and distributors of the Komodo and hope to build bonds with other industry members. 

For more information regarding becoming a Komodo distributor, reach out to us at