Your home should be an environment that adapts to the people who occupy it, not the other way around. However, often we see people struggling with the current facilities in their home when they have not been modified.

Having the correct bathroom support can be incredibly beneficial in giving back a sense of independence, autonomy and confidence when using the toilet.

When a person is losing their autonomy, the reality can be distressing. In order to stay in their current residence of choice, a person must revisit and redevelop their usual hygiene routines and habits in order to accommodate reduced ability.  

The challenge that is too regularly faced by people with limited mobility is how they continue to go about their occupations in a safe and confident way.

To overcome this barrier, it is essential to equip the home with adaptations that give the person a sense of autonomy. The most common piece of equipment which is easily facilitated into the home is a commode chair.

What Is A Commode And Why Use One?

A commode is a free moving structure that offers support during your daily routines. It can be easily moved and cleaned and is designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Some are fitted with built in seats, others are raised and have handles, some have multiple functions and can also be used as a shower chair or as a stand assist riser.

Toilet seats are usually very low, if you struggle to bend due to issues with your lower limbs or back, a raised toilet seat can make it easier to get on the toilet.

If you feel you need more support when using the toilet, a commode could be the answer.

Increase Dignity

A commode chair will offer the user more privacy, the equipment enables the user to rely on themselves through the day, preserving the users dignity.

Additionally, some commodes offer adjustable height chairs or chairs that can be wheeled directly over the toilet, to avoid disrupting the fixed toilet or can be wheeled over the toilet and discreetly stored after use.

Increase Safety

Using a commode chair offers more safety for the user and the caregiver.

When loss of autonomy occurs, the biggest risks are falls and serious injury.

By providing a raised seat, stand assist riser or support bars, the commode chair lowers the risk of injury, especially with those who struggle with balance or lack strength when getting up.

The work and risk for the caregiver is also minimised, reducing risk of strain injuries.

Reduce Expense

A commode chair can reduce expenses.

When someone loses autonomy, some of the general household objects become inadequate.

They must either be replaced or adjusted. By introducing a commode chair this can delay or even avoid the need for renovations which can be time consuming and costly.

A suitably picked commode chair can be all in one which wheels over the toilet and replace the need for arm rests, a toilet booster and wall grabs, this is often less costly and also more aesthetically pleasing.

It may also have other functions such as a shower chair feature, stand assist raiser and tilt in space motions.

Transportable Options

Some commode chairs can be packed away and transported everywhere.

This can be discreet and ideal for the dignity and pride of an elderly user who does not want to draw attention. If this is desired, it is essential that one is chosen that is both light and sturdy at the same time.

Some types of commode chairs can also be easily transported for trips away.

The Komodo shower chair commode is lightweight and comes on casters for easy movement.

Increase Autonomy

A commode chair can offer a person with reduced mobility a sense of autonomy.

As a person loses autonomy, the strongest desire is the one to fend for themselves, despite any limitations, especially when it involves personal hygiene.

The commode chair helps to preserve the dignity and modesty of people with reduced mobility.

By using a commode chair it allows the user to go to the toilet without assistance. Lowering the need to avoid waking up caregivers during the night.

Benefits Of Using A Commode Chair

Using a commode will give you extra support when sitting or standing up when you have used the toilet with built in armrests.

It may help you to feel more secure when sitting on the toilet, the armrests will make it feel comfortable, as if you were sitting on a chair.

It may also help you to avoid ‘dropping’ onto the toilet seat, and with armrests and a raised seat you will be able to gently lower yourself to sit. It also makes it easier to stand without straining your back, hips or knees.

Reasons to use a commode chair

If you suffer from muscle weakness and struggle to stand up, or if you need to hold a radiator a pull on a sink to get on or off the toilet.

You may be having or have had surgery on your back, hips or knees, or you may want to have the security of armrests if you suffer from balance issues.

These are some of many potential reasons to need a commode chair.

Cortech Holdings have created the Komodo, powered shower chair, commode and stand and assist raiser.

If you are interested in this new innovative product, please contact us below.