When you or someone you know needs caring for, your home may need to be adapted or you may need to get different types of equipment to make your home easier and safer to live in. It may also promote independence, autonomy and dignity for the person needing care and provide peace of mind for those caring.

We have compiled a list of room by room ideas, including items of equipment and home adaptations.

The Bathroom


If you or the person you are caring for struggles to stand to take a shower, you may need to make some adaptations. If your shower is over your bath, it may be that you need to obtain a bath bench or a bath hoist.


If you have a walk in shower, using a shower chair can be beneficial to help you feel safe, comfortable and confident.

Shower Head

If you need to sit, a removable shower head can assist with rinsing.

Rubber Mat

To make showering or bathing safe, a rubber mat can be used to avoid falls.

Grab Rails

Grab rails can be fitted to the side of the bath and around the bathroom to help maneuver around the room and give support when standing.

Raised Toilet Seat

It is possible to add a raised toilet seat over the existing one to help standing.


A commode can be used when mobility is reduced.


The Komodo electric shower chair commode with stand assist raiser is the perfect item for the bathroom. Combining three products into one, saving space and time. Find out more about how this innovative assistive living product could help you or your loved one.

General Household

A Reacher

A reacher is a simple piece of equipment that can make daily tasks easier for someone living with a health condition or a disability. Such as, picking objects up from the floor or from a high shelf.

A Quality Chair

Having a chair that has arms is much easier to stand up from rather than a sofa. If the chair is slightly higher than a standard chair it can reduce the strain on backs and limbs. Chair raisers can be purchased if a new one cannot be bought.


If there are steps in to your home or into a room, a handle on a door frame can assist in the user feeling more secure when climbing steps. It is also possible to add a half step or to fit a ramp.

A second banister

By installing a second banister to your stairs, it can help the user feel safe, balanced and supported whilst going up or down the stairs.

Perch Stool

If you or someone that you are caring for struggles to stand for long periods of time, a perch stool may be helpful to assist with certain tasks such as washing up or preparing food.

Preparation and Cooking of Food

To make preparation and cooking easier, it may be helpful to get items such as non-slip mats and lightweight pots and pans, which are easier to lift.

Storage Adaptations

Storing your heavy dishes in a carrier bag can make lifting them in and out of cupboards easier. Another tip is to store regularly used kitchen equipment between hip and eye level.