This equipment is absolutely fantastic, we are finding that the members of our community are a lot more comfortable in the Komodo than the chair that goes with the care bath. There is more room and some of our larger residents find the chair an easier fit for them. This makes the showering a more enjoyable event. They seem to like the fact that the chair can be endlessly adjusted so that a comfortable position for each and every one of them can be found.  

It is with our resident that has Parkinson’s that the chair has really come into its own. The person can be hoisted into the chair and the chair can be adjusted so that they feel safe and in control. This was not the case with the other chair, the resident felt very uneasy and at risk of falling out of the chair. The resident now enjoys the experience of a shower. This has made such a difference for them.  

I will write further as we use the chair in the future. All I can say is thank you for a fantastic chair, it has made the lives of our carers and the members of our community easier. 

Stephen Burton -Manager Alde House.