For persons with disabilities, the task of showering is no longer simple. Showering and hygiene is supposed to be a relaxing, refreshing experience, but as your movement becomes limited, the task becomes very daunting.

Instead of risking your health and safety, here are 4 reasons why the Komodo Electric Shower Chair Commode is worth considering for your bathing needs.

1.   Improves your quality of life

Your quality of life sometimes depends on the simplest things. Things like bathing, standing up and moving independently. These may sound like easy tasks for most people, but for many disabled people or those confined to a wheelchair, these are everyday struggles.

The Komodo electric shower chair allows the user to easily get into the correct position for showering, independently. A little bit of independence goes a long way when it comes to improving quality of life.

Our market leading movement system allows this independence and brings back the relaxing joy of showering.  

2.   Helps to Improve Your Safety

Shower chairs are very useful for those that find excessive movement painful or difficult. A Shower Chair is a secure piece of equipment that helps you maintain your balance and dignity while sitting in the shower, avoiding the risk of slips and falls. They also help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. The wireless movement system of the Komodo chair ensures you easily get into the correct position for easy showering, without the requirement for multiple carers.

3.   Maintains your Hygiene

Bathing while travelling or at a new location is difficult for those with limited mobility. Having your own shower chair commode maintains your independence when showering at a new home, makes showering easier and of course, significantly reduces the risk of infection through the use of borrowed equipment.

4.   Increases your independence

The shower and bath chair makes it easier for you to get to the shower, even if you have limited mobility. It allows you to maintain your privacy and dignity while staying as independent as you want to be. It is adjustable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of sizes and options. The electric movement system can also be personalised to your preferred settings at the push of a button.